Get paid for paying your bills!

If you’re going to… pay your bills,
you might as well… use your credit card to pay for bills that normally you could only pay through a bank.  Earn credit card rewards!

How does it work?

Paytm Canada is an app that aggregates all of your bills (credit card, utilities, city taxes, etc.) and allows you to pay for them through your mobile device — hence the name, Paytm.  You can fund your payment through credit card — as long as you’re not paying another credit card bill.  Or you can add money to your account (known as Paytm Cash) by making an Interac e-transfer to yourself, or by visiting a Canada Post outlet to top up.

As of April 1, 2020, you will be charged a convenience fee ranging from 1.25% to 3% for payments from American Express, Mastercard, or Visa.  You will still earn Paytm Points to redeem for discounted gift cards.  However, the selection is limited and there are no free gift cards available.  For these reasons, I can no longer recommend using Paytm.

Show me the money!

When you install the app, use my Referral Code and we’ll both earn 5000 Paytm points — redeemable for, say, a $5 Tim Hortons gift card — after your first bill payment of at least $50.  Once you become a customer, you can refer your own friends and earn referral points as well!  When you make your a bill payment, you can also enter a Promo Code to earn Paytm Cash.

Sign Up

Interested in being a customer? Visit to find out more details. If you do sign up, please be a friend so that we both get the referral bonus. Use my referral code: PTM3338980

Location: Toronto, ON
Twitter: @paytmcanada
App: App Store link | Google Play link