Make it rain cash!

This game is no longer active as of Dec 2018.

If you’re going to… play games on your phone,
you might as well… win actual money in less than 15 minutes!

How does it work?  

Confetti Canada is the latest in the HQ Trivia era of live-trivia gaming where you play to win money.  You should know the drill by now — answer a series of multiple-choice questions correctly and you’ll split the cash pot with the other winners.  Weeknights at 5:30pm (ET), Harley Morenstein hosts.  You’ll need the Facebook app on your phone to play.

Confetti Canada page on Facebook







If you only play one of these live trivia games, go all in on Confetti Canada because it’s easier to win and the payout is really good for 15 minutes of your time.  Let’s compare Confetti with HQ:




  • Only 10 questions;
    1 : 59,049 odds of winning
  • First 5 Confetti questions are simple for Canadians
  • You can see your friends selections as they answer
  • Clue given for next game

More winnings!

  • Only around 500 players
  • $2,500 pot
  • Average win gets $20+ each
  • I’ve won 2 times earning $206.44
Not as easy!  

  • 12 or more questions;
    1 : 531,441 odds of winning
  • First 3 HQ questions are easy for Americans
  • You can see your friends choices only after they answer
  • No clues given

Less winnings!

  • 300,000-800,000 players
  • $2,500, $5,000, $25,000+ pots
  • Average win gets $1-3 each
  • I’ve won 15 times earning $45.43

Show me the money!

Once you win, you’ll be prompted to login with your PayPal account.  The funds are then automatically transferred in US dollars within 2 business days of winning.  You only need to do this once.

Payment through PayPal

Sign Up

Available on the Facebook mobile app.  Use my Confetti referral link so both of us receive an extra life.  Extra lives allow you to win even when you get a question wrong (except the last one).

Location: Los Angeles, CA
iOS: Facebook on App Store
 Facebook on Google Play