Win prizes for making predictions!

This game is no longer active as of Spring 2018.

If you’re going to… play games on your mobile devices,
you might as well… win actual prizes (not fake gold or virtual trophies)!

How does it work?  

Play the Future is a Montreal-based company with a mobile app to make fun predictions.  Participate in weekly challenges or special tournaments by making guesses on real-life occurrences, such as temperature, stock prices, or box office earnings.  Earn points for accuracy.  If you’re amongst the top point-getters, you win a prize!

Show me the money!

Most of the prizes come in the form of gift cards.  But there are also physical goods and even cash tournaments!  It’s free to play, and the prizes are legit!  I’ve won thousands of dollars in prizes, in fact.  So why waste your time crushing candies or clashing with clanmates, when you can play the future and win for real!

Sign Up

Interested in signing up?  Click on my referral link.  It costs nothing to play!

I don’t get anything for promoting them, but I can’t recommend this app enough, so I’m just sharing the love and paying it forward.  See you in the future!

Location: Montreal, QC
Twitter: @ptfnow