Sweeps – Mon, Mar 27

To start the week, we have 6 NHL links to share. Good luck!

TeamsPointsPrizeLinkSportTime (ET)
😺FLA @ 🪖OTT33$10.56https://app.sweeps.fyi/0Mkqbj92uybNHL19:00
🧲MTL @ 🦬BUF33$10.56https://app.sweeps.fyi/Wnppwh02uybNHL19:00
👿NJ @ 🏝️NYI33$10.56https://app.sweeps.fyi/RR1mo9f3uybNHL19:30
🐙SEA @ 🌳MIN33$10.56https://app.sweeps.fyi/6WvOlDq3uybNHL20:00
🗻COL @ 🦆ANA50$16.00https://app.sweeps.fyi/RmJXs6B3uybNHL22:00
🛢️ EDM @ 🐶ARI33$10.56https://app.sweeps.fyi/Iz9yHUV3uybNHL22:00
March 27, 2023 – NHL Sweeps raffle links
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Sweeps – Sports Raffles!

After a long hiatus, moneyties.ca is back with new content to satisfy your need for extra cashflow. First, let’s introduce you to Sweeps, a free-to-play sports raffle app. It requires no sports knowledge and you don’t make predictions. Virtual tickets are automatically generated, so all you need to do is enter the game contests via the links I provide. If you’re new to Sweeps, head on over to this Sweeps onboarding page for details!

In my opinion, the best value for your Sweeps points is to play the NHL props games. They are low cost, decent payouts, and higher chances of winning than all the other options on Sweeps.

🗻COL @ 🐶ARI33$10.00https://app.sweeps.fyi/UAy2DkHotyb
🐻BOS @ 🌪️CAR50$16.00https://app.sweeps.fyi/B0kH94Uotyb
🍁TOR @ 🐅NSH33$10.00https://app.sweeps.fyi/ORVlwuPotyb
🐋VAN @ 🪶CHI33$10.00https://app.sweeps.fyi/HiotOS2otyb
🎶STL @ 👑LA50$16.00https://app.sweeps.fyi/Weqyp5zotyb
March 26, 2023 – NHL Sweeps raffle links
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31 Days of Circle K 2020

Circle K loves to give away prizes, and tis the season for advent calendars! Simply open up the flap corresponding to the current December date to see if you’ve won an instant prize. Regardless of whether you were winner, stay a few more seconds to “shake” the globe for entries into the daily grand prize draws!

What you get: Play daily until the end of December for an instant prize (stuff you find in Circle K). When you win, they will text you a link. Open the link and scan at the Circle K cashier within 3 days to claim your prize.

You can also win daily grand prize draws of $50-200 in gift cards for Visa Vanilla, Circle K, and Indigo!

When it starts: December 1, 2020

When it ends: January 1, 2021

Where to go: circlekgames.ca | Rules and Prizes

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Starbucks for life 2020

What you get: You can win Starbucks prizes including bonus stars toward food and drink, Bose QuietComfort Earbuds, Air Canada flights, Ravensburger puzzles, or even Starbucks for 1/3/6 months, a year, or for life! Make a purchase or complete weekly challenges and you’ll earn bonus tokens. Collect 3 tokens belonging to a set to win the designated prize.

Note: If you find Starbucks to be super expensive, take heart! You can obtain tokens without making a purchase. You get a free token to start, and as always, you can request free token entries by filling out an online form.

When it starts: December 1, 2020

When it ends: January 4, 2021

Where to go: www.starbucksforlife.ca

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Starbucks Starland AR

To conclude #NationalCoffeeDay, Starbucks Rewards Starland is a new promotion where you use you phone to go stargazing in in augmented reality (AR). Tap on a gold star you see to reveal your prize.

What you get: Instantly win Starbucks prizes including free drinks, $10 egift cards, and stars toward food and drink! If you aren’t an instant winner, enter one of many raffles for prizes such as free drinks for a year or a $500 Starbucks gift card! Play up to twice a day by making a purchase or request free plays. Scroll to the bottom of the game for the link or directly here to enter without making a purchase.

When it starts: September 28, 2020

When it ends: October 28, 2020

Where to go: starbucksrewardsstarland.ca

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Google Nest Mini free with Premium Spotify

Attention Spotify subscribers! Claim your free Google Nest Mini and enjoy all the benefits of this awesome Google Assistant bluetooth speaker!

What you get: Choose from your choice of Google Nest Mini (available in 4 colours) and stream your favourite music, podcasts, and radio stations! Set reminders, find out local weather, or ask Google any question using your voice! And there is no charge for shipping either.

When it ends: September 30, 2020 (or while supplies last)

Where to go: new subscribers| existing subscribers

Free Google Nest Mini claimed
Free Google Nest Mini claimed!
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Love sports and winning money? You bet!

Stakes prediction question
Make a wager and selection

What you get: You can win cash by playing the mobile trivia game Stakes! Follow along your favourite sports leagues and make wagers (such as, who will lead the game in points at the first full time-out between the Raptors and Lakers?). Place in the top 3 by making correct predictions for that game and win money! It’s free to play. Earn 500 gems when you join my group and play your first game.

What I get in return: Each friend who installs Stakes and joins my group (room code GJDGFN) also earns me 500 gems. Once you play Stakes, you can get bonus gems by referring your friends!

Where to go: App Store only

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Rock Paper Prizes round 3

Circle K is back at it with another round of Rock Paper Prizes! The original cast is back and so are the weekly and grand prize draws. Best of all, you have 15 days to claim your prize AND you can gift your prizes to friends!

What you get: Play games of rock-paper-scissors against virtual opponents. If you win 2 out of 3 times, you get an instant prize! You get 3 attempts daily, so don’t fret if you lose. When you win, they will text you a link. Open the link and tap the button at the Circle K cashier to claim your prize.

I win slightly more than I lose, but most of my prizes are genuine wins (Reese Outrageous bars, bottled water, Frosters, etc.) and not just BOGO coupons. Weekly and grand prize draws are for prizes such as iPads, Visa gift cards, free gas for a year, and $10,000 cash!

When it starts: June 23, 2020

When it ends: September 14, 2020

Where to go: circlekgames.ca | Rules and Prizes

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