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What you get: You can earn $5 when you open your Checkout 51 account and redeem your first cashback offer!

What I get in return: $5 credited to my account for groceries.

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When it ends: ongoing

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So the weekend is here and you’re planning your shopping list. How do you decide what to buy? If you want to lower your grocery bill, use the Checkout 51 app to receive cashback on staples as well as brand name food and household items. Rather than clip coupons, you tap on desired items from their weekly offers list and take a photo of your receipt afterwards of purchased items. Within 24 hours, your account will be credited. Once it hits $20 or more, you can request a cheque!

Checkout 51
Check out the cashback earned from using Checkout 51

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Black Friday with Ebates

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Just a friendly reminder that if you’re taking part in Black Friday online shopping, be sure to first login via your Ebates account to earn up to 10% or more cashback from your purchases!

Don’t have an Ebates account or unfamiliar with how it works?  Simply hop on to and click the link to your favourite retailer.  When you make a purchase, you get cashback from your purchases!  Every season, you’ll get a mailed a big fat cheque!  Sign up my referral code and get $5 cashback to try it out:

Black Friday shopping with Ebates. Look at the added savings awaiting you — earn hundreds in cashback!!

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