Earn cashback with your receipts!

If you’re going to… pass on clipping coupons and mailing in rebate forms, but want to still get a deal,
you might as well… quickly and discreetly earn cashback with just your receipts and Checkout 51!

How does it work?  

You hate fussing with coupons because you were too embarrassed to shove a fistful of them at the cashier, or you left them at home on the kitchen counter.  With mail-in rebates, there’s too much effort with cutting the barcode, filling out a tiny form, and finding an envelope and stamp — who can be bothered??

With Checkout 51, browse their weekly list of groceries and household items and  simply use the app to upload a photo of your receipts.  For every item on the list, you’ll get credited with cashback.  It doesn’t even matter where your receipt is from!

Show me the money!

As soon as there’s $20 or more in your account, you can cash out!  Checkout 51 will mail you a cheque of your accumulated earnings.  Sweet!

Sign Up

Download the Checkout 51 app to your smartphone and create an account to get started.  When you sign up with my link, I earn $5 when you redeem your first cashback offer, and you will earn $2 bonus to your account!  You can also receive an additional $1 for each of your next 3 offers claimed, for a bonus total of $5.  Referral details available here.

Location: Toronto, ON
Site: www.checkout51.com
Twitter: @Checkout51
Facebook: www.facebook.com/checkout51CA
App: https://checkout51.app.link/2RgLMGsDLR