Free Interac e-Transfers!

If you’re going to… use Interac to send money
you might as well… not pay a transaction fee and earn pretty decent interest for storing your money at Simplii Financial! 

How does it work?

Simplii Financial (a subsidiary of CIBC that replaced President’s Choice Financial) is an online bank that offers pretty much the same services and products that PC Financial used to.  I simply use Simplii for the free Interac e-transfers.  Now that their competitor, Tangerine, also offers Interac e-transfers (as of Nov 2019), you’ve got another online bank option!

Show me the money!

No referral bonuses for signing up, but you can read how to make free Interac e-transfers through Simplii Financial.  If you frequently transfer funds to yourself to, say, pay your bills through a third-party mobile app that rewards you loyalty points... well, it might start making dollars and sense!

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