It’s Hangman meets Wheel of Fortune

This game is no longer active as of February 2020.

If you’re going to… play games on your mobile devices,
you might as well… win actual money in less than 15 minutes!

How does it work?  

Like its sister show, HQ Trivia, HQ Words is a live mobile game show that streams twice a week (Tue/Thu). Game time is 9:30pm (ET) and is hosted by the vivacious Anna Roisman. She introduces each of the 12 puzzles with a clue and gives verbal hints as a timer winds down. Solve the puzzle by correctly tapping on all of the letters in the puzzle. Incorrect letters will penalize you with a strike; hit your limit of strikes — 5 plus your level — or fail to answer a puzzle and you are eliminated! Solve all 12 puzzles and you’ll split the money pot with other word nerds.

Show me the money!

Each game has a $1,000 cash prize. Each winner gets an even share, but there is a penny difference due to dividing. You’ll earn an extra penny if you’re in the fastest group. I’ve won HQ Words at least 50 times!

Sign Up

Available for both iOS and Android devices.  Use referral code chiofsteel when you sign up and I’ll get a super spin. I think you get one, too.

Location: New York, NY
Twitter: @hqwords
Instagram: @hqwords
iOS: HQ Trivia & Words on App Store
 HQ Trivia & Words on Google Play