Game shows on your phone

This game is no longer active as of November 2019.

If you’re going to… play games on your phone,
you might as well… win actual money in less than 15 minutes!!

How does it work?  

Tellie (formerly is a new entrant in the live mobile game-show scene where you play to win money.  Unlike HQ Trivia and its copycats, you don’t need to be a genius; there are a variety of games that require basic knowledge or luck: In or Out (roulette), Raise the Bar (Family Feud-esque), Word Up (word puzzles), Fast Facts (true/false trivia). Games are weeknights at 6pm & 7:30pm (ET). Picture This (Pictionary) is their newest game that streams at 7pm (ET).

This is by far the best gaming experience you’ll have. Fun is emphasized, so even if you lose early, you can still compete for other forms of currency such as lifelines (improve your score) or coins (buy shout-outs from the host).

Show me the money!

After you accumulate $5 in winnings, you can cash out to your PayPal account.  The funds are transferred in US dollars within a few days.

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Use my tellie referral link or referral name chiofsteel, and if you’re a top prize-winner in a game, we both win!

Location: Los Angeles, CA
iOS: App Store
Android: Google Play