Price match from your phone with online flyers!

If you’re going to… create shopping lists based on weekly sale items,
you might as well… toss the newspaper flyers in recycling and use Flipp to plan out your shopping!

How does it work?  

You know those flyers you get in your local newspaper or mailbox that take you forever to leaf through?  Save your fingertips from ink stains and papercuts with digital flyers on Flipp!  You can browse by store or search by product.  The app will return all matching results, so you can see where the cheapest price is for, say, pickles or vanilla ice-cream.  Simply “clip it”, and it’ll be added to your shopping list!

Show me the money!

Sure, you could drive to all the stores that have the sale items you’re looking for or, better yet, visit just one (such as Walmart, No Frills, or FreshCo) that price matches their competitors.  Simply show the cashier your Flipp app clippings and they’ll do the price adjustments for you!  Savings!!  Check your local retailer for details on their price-matching policies.

Sign Up

There’s no monetary incentive for downloading Flipp to your phone, but there are a couple of extra reasons to grab the app.  If you split shopping duties in your household, you can link your account with others so that you all manage the same shopping list!  You can also scan your loyalty cards to keep your wallet slim.

Location: Toronto, ON
Twitter: @getflipp