Rock Paper Prizes round 3

Circle K is back at it with another round of Rock Paper Prizes! The original cast is back and so are the weekly and grand prize draws. Best of all, you have 15 days to claim your prize AND you can gift your prizes to friends!

What you get: Play games of rock-paper-scissors against virtual opponents. If you win 2 out of 3 times, you get an instant prize! You get 3 attempts daily, so don’t fret if you lose. When you win, they will text you a link. Open the link and tap the button at the Circle K cashier to claim your prize.

I win slightly more than I lose, but most of my prizes are genuine wins (Reese Outrageous bars, bottled water, Frosters, etc.) and not just BOGO coupons. Weekly and grand prize draws are for prizes such as iPads, Visa gift cards, free gas for a year, and $10,000 cash!

When it starts: June 23, 2020

When it ends: September 14, 2020

Where to go: | Rules and Prizes

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Play ball with Starbucks

Starbucks Summer Game is a new promotional where you play a Plinko-esque game by dropping a ball and watching it bounce off a bunch of pegs in the hopes that it lands in a yellow basket thingy. It’s not exactly obvious what happens when you succeed, as my ball went flying off into the abyss in my plays.

What you get: Instantly win Starbucks prizes including free drinks, summer swag, and stars toward food and drink! Play up to twice a day by making a purchase or request free plays. Scroll to the bottom of the game for the link or directly here to enter without making a purchase.

When it starts: July 21, 2020

When it ends: August 23, 2020

Where to go:

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Instant-win ball and instant payment

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Instawin ball winning screen
I won with an instawin ball!

I just posted about LetsBingo, the free bingo app where you can win cash. They rolled out two great features:

  1. An instawin ball, after drawn, awards the first person who taps BINGO after the number is called. This number must appear on your card. Cash prizes ranging from $5 to $25 have been rewarded so far.
  2. Winnings can now be received via PayPal, paid out in your local currency. You can still choose to be paid by cheque if you don’t have a PayPal account.

Where to go: LetsBingo referral page or read more about LetsBingo

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BINGO was her game-o

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LetsBingo winning card
Winner, winner!!

My wife loves playing bingo and is unnaturally lucky. Last summer at a family resort, she won back-to-back bingo games; Sheepishly, she got our daughter to claim the prize for the second game, ha! So of course, when there came a mobile bingo game, LetsBingo, that pays real money for winners, she signed up and already won!

What you get: Play games of bingo against real players across the globe, twice weekdays. If you’re the first to match the pattern and tap BINGO, you win! They mail you a cheque worth $25-250 but will soon transition to PayPal for immediate payment. LetsBingo is based out of California.

What I get: Use my referral link and we both get an extra bingo card to use for any future game.

Where to go: LetsBingo referral page or read more about LetsBingo

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