Sports raffles, predictions not required

If you’re going to… play the lottery,
you might as well… spend no money and score often!

How does it work?

Sweeps is a free-to-play sports raffle app that is closer to a lottery than it is to sports gambling. In fact, no sports knowledge is required and no predictions are necessary! Games are posted daily and follow the schedule of professional sports leagues including NBA, NHL, NFL, MLS and more. Your ticket is generated randomly and if it matches the outcome of your favourite sporting event, you win!

There are three game types: Blocks, Props, and Pools.

Blocks (aka squares or boards) have 100 possible outcomes based on the last digits of two teams’ scores. For example, if the Pistons are playing the Raptors, and the score is 26-38 after one quarter, then the winning number is 68 (Pistons 6 combined with Raptors 8). You are randomly assigned a number from 00-99 and for every quarter the winning number matches yours, you win! You could potentially win 4 times in any given NBA contest!

Props are certain over/under metrics that must be met, usually related to score and other stats. For example, in the NHL, the props are:

  • Total Saves
  • Total Goals
  • Goal Margin
  • Faceoffs Won

Your ticket might show (Total Saves over 52), (Total Goals under 5.5), (Goal Margin under 1.5), (Red Wings Faceoffs Won over 23.5 & under 27.5). Again, you are randomly assigned a combination of over/under conditions, and each ticket is unique.

Sweeps NHL props between Detroit Red Wings and Boston Bruins

Pools are similar to props but typically involve outcomes of matches, whether one team is selected to win over their opponent or a tie game. Another scenario is total points between the teams. Typically pools contain multiple legs, sometimes up to 12! The more you get correct, the bigger your potential prize!

Sweeps MLS Pool with 8 legs

Show me the money!

Teamwork in Sweeps allows you to win more often. When someone invites you with their game link and they (Inviter) have a winning ticket, you also win! Similarly, if you invite a friend (Invitee) to play with your link, you win a matching prize if they own a winning ticket! The more friends you invite, the more chances you have to win! Plus you earn 500 points for every new referral! Score!

Payment from PayPal
Winnings are paid out weekly via PayPal. A minimum of $10 is required to cash out initially.

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Available for both iOS and Android devices. 

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