My name is Chi and I have a passion for saving money!  I often get asked — or, perhaps, I eagerly volunteer — how I’m able to reduce my grocery bills, credit card statements, and generally stretch my dollar.  All it requires is a computer or smartphone, and the wisdom gained from!

This blog was created to help family, friends, and all Canadians make cents of transactions.  Let’s be serious — life can be expensive!  But why not get rewarded for doing things you normally would, anyway?  Put another way, the goal is to help you reduce your spending (save money) and be rewarded (through cashback, points, or prizes) whenever you shop, either online or in stores.

I will only post about apps and services that I use, so you can be sure they are legit and worth your time.

Want to reach me?  For the quickest replies, hit me up on Twitter @ moneytiesCA or email me.

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