Win cash in this game-o

This game is on hiatus as August 24, 2020.

If you’re going to… play games on your phone,
you might as well… win real money as you yell BINGO!!

How does it work?

Unlike other bingo games you can download, LetsBingo is only played with a live host (Bob Eubanks or Bingo Bubba). You can win real money and it’s completely free; no gambling required. If you match the pattern and tap on BINGO first, you win the cash prize! There is an “instawin ball” that awards cash to the first person who taps on BINGO after seeing a specific ball called. You’re provided one card per game, but you can earn an additional card for every friend referral.

Games are twice weekdays, typically at 6pm and 10pm (ET). You can even join the game late and catch up, because you’re not out of it until someone gets bingo! Occasionally they’ll play a bonus game.

Show me the money!

Cash prizes range from $25 to $250 for matching the bingo pattern. Insta-ball prizes are $5 to $25. Winnings come in the form of either PayPal or a mailed cheque.

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Available for both iOS and Android devices. 

Location: Hollywood, CA
Twitter: @Letsbingo2
Instagram: @lets_bingo_win_cash
iOS: SongPop Live on App Store
SongPop Live on Google Play