Primed to cash in on Amazon $25 bonus

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What you get: You can earn $25 credit by adding $100 to your Amazon Cash balance.  Think of Amazon Cash as your pre-paid spending account.  Instead of a bank, you visit a retailer like Canada Post and deposit the money through them.  Amazon gives you a personalized barcode (or you can just use your cell #) so the funds are directed to your account.  It’s really easy, and the bonus $25 arrives within 24 hours; mine came within a few minutes!

Note: Offer available only to first-time Amazon Cash deposits.  Bonus funds expire Aug 31, 2018.  See Amazon’s page for full details.

When it starts: July 9, 2018

When it ends: July 17, 2018

Where to go:

Receipt of $100 deposited to my Amazon Cash account

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