Stack your rewards

If you’re going to… pay for stuff,
you might as well… use your Stack prepaid Mastercard to pay and earn cashback!

How does it work?

Stack markets itself as a smarter way to manage your money. It’s a reloadable prepaid credit card for your everyday purchases. Accept offers within the app to receive cashback from popular restaurants and services when you pay with your Stack card. Other benefits include no foreign transaction fees and free money transfers between Stack customers.

Show me the money!

First of all, you instantly earn $20 when you use my referral link and activate your Stack card. Then, claim offers of $1 or $2 cashback from places like McDonald’s, Tim Hortons, Starbucks, of even Uber. Get exclusive deals such as $15 cashback and free delivery from your first Foodora delivery. Or even get a year’s worth of Netflix or Spotify for free when you pay with your Stack card. Once you become a customer, you can refer your own friends and earn bonuses as well!  Sweet!

Sign Up

Interested in being a customer? Visit to find out more details. If you do sign up, please be a friend and click my link so that we both get the referral bonus: you’ll get $20 and I’ll earn $5.

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