Get your food & drink without waiting in line!

If you’re going to… eat out or grab takeout when it’s busy,
you might as well… pre-order your food and drink and skip long line-ups!

How does it work?  

Your stomach is growing and you didn’t pack a lunch.  You’ve got a busy day and there are long line-ups everywhere for food.  No worries!  Using the Ritual app, browse the local eateries and pre-order your food.  When your order is just about ready, you’ll get a text.  Head straight to the front, pick up your grub, and save yourself valuable time!

Show me the money!

Every purchase rewards you with points.  When you reach 10,000 points, your account gets credited $10.  There are point-multiplier events and other promotions to gain extra points.  They add up quickly!

Sign Up

Interested in signing up?  Click on my referral link to get $10 credit to try it out!

You’ll be doing me a solid and I’ll score 1000 points when you make your first purchase.  Once you join Ritual, you can refer your own friends and family and earn 1000 points as well! Sweet!

Location: Toronto, ON
Twitter: @ritual_co
App: App Store | Google Play