Earn points on your steps to a healthier life!

This app is no longer active as of Jun 2019.

If you’re going to… walk and accumulate thousands of steps per day,
you might as well… earn points for your favourite loyalty program!

How does it work?  

Carrot is an app that encourages you to live a healthier lifestyle!  It motivates you to walk a little bit further, as you’re rewarded the proverbial carrot for meeting your daily steps target*.  It also provides health tips disguised as simple quizzes that compensate you with points, also!

*As of December 2018, points are no longer rewarded for meeting steps target with non-subscription account.

Show me the money!

While the selection isn’t too numerous, Carrot does offer enough variety of loyalty programs to satisfy your hunger!  Choose from Aeroplan Miles, Drop, More Rewards, Petro-Points, and SCENE.  Points add up quickly.  I opted for Scene points, and within two weeks of joining, I earned 400 points — almost halfway to a free movie ticket!

Sign Up

Interested in signing up? Visit carrotrewards.ca to find out more details.

If you do install the Carrot app, please be a friend and use my personal bonus code ct6191.  We will both get bonus points when you sign up!  Once you become a member, you can refer your own friends and family and earn points that much faster!  Sweet!

Location: Toronto, ON
Site: carrotrewards.ca
Twitter: @carrot_rewards
Instagram: www.instagram.com/carrot_rewards
Facebook: www.facebook.com/CarrotRewards/