• Ensure you’ve got enough juice on your phone before you start; don’t be caught having it shut down on you mid-game!
  • Close all non-essential apps and put your phone on DND to avoid alerts or phone calls during the game.
  • Watch the preview video to determine the genre of the game and listen to the hints for artist, group, or song titles the host gives. Don’t forget to claim the 3 gift boxes!


  • There are 3 types of boosts (Revive, Friends, Remove 2), which can be purchased with gems, earned as rewards for winning a round, or gifted from preview videos.
  • Revives allow you to continue playing, once per game, when you answer incorrectly. They cannot be used on the very last song.
  • Friends boost — the best power-up in the game — show your friends’ answers in real time for all songs in that round.
  • Remove 2 does what you would expect. Two wrong choices are removed, allowing you a 50/50 chance of guessing a song correctly.
  • There are also genre cards that grant free and automatic boosts. Genre cards can be upgraded with gems.

Let’s be friends!

  • Add friends in SPL!  You’ll earn a heart (revive) for each person you exchange friend codes with (up to 20).
  • Friends’ avatars appears next to their answer when you activate the friends boost.
  • If you can play next to a real-life friend, conserve boosts by looking at each other’s screens.

Beginners Strategies

  • Don’t expect to win when you first start. Your initial objectives are:
    1. Grow your network of friends with diverse musical knowledge. Make sure these friends have identifiable avatars.
    2. Accumulate your gems and boosts. *Don’t consume them until you’re in a position to win.
      (*Note: I make an exception for using friends boost in round 2. See Advanced Strategies for details.)
    3. Earn level 1 cards for each genre to grant you an automatic Friends boost in round 1. This is done by winning round 4 of any given game. Don’t worry about upgrading cards yet.
  • Gems are the currency in SongPop Live. They are best spent on Revives since they cannot be obtained free any other way (after maxing out your 20 added friends).
  • Write down the hints from the preview video (or join the SongPop Live Players – Facebook group) to refer to during the game.
  • Play SongPop 2. It’s a separate app made by the same developers, but they use the same playlists! Play often enough and you’ll recognize the tunes in SongPop Live.

Advanced Strategies

  • Having played for a few weeks, you’re now ready to win. Knowing when to use boosts are just as important as owning them!
    1. Revives should be reserved for when you’re about to win round 4 (to earn a new genre card), or in round 5 when you’re close to winning. Outside of those situations, take the loss and allow yourself to be ghosted. You still earn gems for correct answers.
    2. Ensure you have at least five Remove 2s heading into round 5. Tap on the boost at the start of every song to instantly narrow down the choices to 2. You’ll have a 50/50 chance at each song!
    3. Most people will save their Friends boost for rounds 4 & 5 only; I’d rather start in round 2. Winning the second round scores 40 gems plus you’ll get your friends boost back! If you’re short or don’t feel confident, hold off on round 3.
  • Cultivate your friends list. Make a note of players who are consistently correct and especially those who answer incorrectly. Rely on strong friends. Remove poor friends by swiping left on their name.
  • Again, join the SongPop Live Players – Facebook group) to share your code and add friends. Do NOT post your code in SongPop Live chat, as you may get banned from cashing out.
  • If you’re ever rich in gems and accumulate enough cards in a single genre, it’s worthwhile to upgrade your card from level 1 to level 4. Level 4 cards grant you automatic Friends boost for round 2.

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Available for both iOS and Android devices. 

Location: New York, NY
Twitter: @songpop1
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