Ready player one to win $250,000 in HQ Trivia

What you get: HQ is giving away $250,000 tonight!  Get all 15 questions correct tonight, and you’ll split the highest jackpot to date.  A few days ago, 4 players split $100,000.  Grab the app if you don’t have it yet.  Hurry, just an hour to go!

What I get in return: Each friend who installs HQ Trivia and uses my referral code chiofsteel helps me earn an extra life (i.e. a chance to continue if I get an answer wrong).  Once you play HQ Trivia, you can get an extra life by referring your friends!

Where to go: App Store and Google Play

By the way, there’s a hack to gain a free life in HQ without needing to refer new friends.

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