Refer friends to Ritual to gift $10 & earn $10

What you get: You can earn $10 when you open your Ritual account and make your first order by November 5.  That’s like 2 free coffees!

What I get in return: $10 credited to my account for future food/drink orders.

Remember, once you become a customer, you can also get these perks by referring your friends!

When it ends: November 5, 2017

Where to go:

One of the things I miss most about working in downtown Toronto is the convenience of great food and drink options.  Let’s face it, eating out is expensive, so I didn’t do it often.  Food courts and restaurants get so busy, especially in the financial district!  But when I didn’t pack a lunch, it was great to have the Ritual app because it allowed me to order from my desk and then pick up at checkout when it was ready.  I didn’t waste any valuable time standing in line during my precious 45-minutes lunch.  Read on about my experience.

When walking to work one day, I received a postcard-sized ad promoting the Ritual app.  Printed on the ad was a referral code, which gave me $5 when I opened an account (use my referral link to start with $10).  That morning, I missed breakfast rushing to catch the train, so I immediately made use of it.  Free bagel and coffee — score!

Now, Ritual would be great for the pre-order-skip-the-line feature alone.  But you are also awarded loyalty points, which essentially discounts your purchases! Earning 10,000 points allow you to redeem for $10.  There are point-multiplier events as well as a variety of promotional pricing.  And then they added a piggy-back feature, where if a co-worker makes an order, you can add your own order and he’ll pick up your food on the way back to the office.  That’s convenience!

I’ve added a few screenshots to show you how can save money with Ritual:

Mucho Burrito receipt
Mucho Burrito for only $5 using Ritual minus existing credit = cheap lunch!
Ritual rewards history
My Ritual rewards history shows you can earn points quickly to redeem $10
Ritual elite status earns points 1.5 times faster!
Make 8 purchases in a month to earn 1.5x points on orders!









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