31 Days of Circle K 2020

Circle K loves to give away prizes, and tis the season for advent calendars! Simply open up the flap corresponding to the current December date to see if you’ve won an instant prize. Regardless of whether you were winner, stay a few more seconds to “shake” the globe for entries into the daily grand prize draws!

What you get: Play daily until the end of December for an instant prize (stuff you find in Circle K). When you win, they will text you a link. Open the link and scan at the Circle K cashier within 3 days to claim your prize.

You can also win daily grand prize draws of $50-200 in gift cards for Visa Vanilla, Circle K, and Indigo!

When it starts: December 1, 2020

When it ends: January 1, 2021

Where to go: circlekgames.ca | Rules and Prizes

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Black Friday with Ebates

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Just a friendly reminder that if you’re taking part in Black Friday online shopping, be sure to first login via your Ebates account to earn up to 10% or more cashback from your purchases!

Don’t have an Ebates account or unfamiliar with how it works?  Simply hop on to Ebates.ca and click the link to your favourite retailer.  When you make a purchase, you get cashback from your purchases!  Every season, you’ll get a mailed a big fat cheque!  Sign up my referral code and get $5 cashback to try it out:


Black Friday shopping with Ebates. Look at the added savings awaiting you — earn hundreds in cashback!!

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