Much McCafe free coffee

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Twice as much free coffee with the McDonald's app
Digital and sticker stamps

The coffee war has heated up for Canadian customers! Tim Horton’s recently unveiled their new Tims Rewards program, and Starbucks will be modifying their Starbucks Rewards program in April. Meanwhile, McDonald’s has stayed ahead of the pack by offering virtual stamps when you purchase a hot McCafe beverage through their app.

What you get: When you use the McDonald’s app to order coffee (or tea), you get a virtual stamp. Much like the physical stamps you get on the cup, collect 7 stamps and earn 1 medium coffee. In other words, you will earn two free coffees (one via the app, one with the physical stamped-filled rewards card).

Where to go: App Store link | Google Play link

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Score Free McDonald’s fries & BOGO Pizza Pizza

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What you get: Toronto Raptors are back this season with two free food offers! When they score 12 or more 3-pointers, score FREE medium McDonald’s fries!  And when they win with 100+ points, get an additional FREE Pizza Pizza slice with purchase of cheese or pepperoni pizza slice.  Requires McDonald’s and Raptors Mobile apps to redeem these offers.

When it is in effect: 2018-19 season

Where to go: App Store link | Google Play link

BOGO Pizza Pizza slices when Raptors score 100 points

Free McDonald’s fries when Raptors hit a dozen 3-pointers

Lunch is covered with Pizza Pizza and McDonald’s

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