Sweeps – Mon, Mar 27

To start the week, we have 6 NHL links to share. Good luck!

TeamsPointsPrizeLinkSportTime (ET)
😺FLA @ 🪖OTT33$10.56https://app.sweeps.fyi/0Mkqbj92uybNHL19:00
🧲MTL @ 🦬BUF33$10.56https://app.sweeps.fyi/Wnppwh02uybNHL19:00
👿NJ @ 🏝️NYI33$10.56https://app.sweeps.fyi/RR1mo9f3uybNHL19:30
🐙SEA @ 🌳MIN33$10.56https://app.sweeps.fyi/6WvOlDq3uybNHL20:00
🗻COL @ 🦆ANA50$16.00https://app.sweeps.fyi/RmJXs6B3uybNHL22:00
🛢️ EDM @ 🐶ARI33$10.56https://app.sweeps.fyi/Iz9yHUV3uybNHL22:00
March 27, 2023 – NHL Sweeps raffle links
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Sweeps – Sports Raffles!

After a long hiatus, moneyties.ca is back with new content to satisfy your need for extra cashflow. First, let’s introduce you to Sweeps, a free-to-play sports raffle app. It requires no sports knowledge and you don’t make predictions. Virtual tickets are automatically generated, so all you need to do is enter the game contests via the links I provide. If you’re new to Sweeps, head on over to this Sweeps onboarding page for details!

In my opinion, the best value for your Sweeps points is to play the NHL props games. They are low cost, decent payouts, and higher chances of winning than all the other options on Sweeps.

🗻COL @ 🐶ARI33$10.00https://app.sweeps.fyi/UAy2DkHotyb
🐻BOS @ 🌪️CAR50$16.00https://app.sweeps.fyi/B0kH94Uotyb
🍁TOR @ 🐅NSH33$10.00https://app.sweeps.fyi/ORVlwuPotyb
🐋VAN @ 🪶CHI33$10.00https://app.sweeps.fyi/HiotOS2otyb
🎶STL @ 👑LA50$16.00https://app.sweeps.fyi/Weqyp5zotyb
March 26, 2023 – NHL Sweeps raffle links
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