Who wants to win cash playing real-time trivia?

What you get: You can win cash by playing the mobile trivia game HQ!  Currently available only on iOS, you compete against others in real time by answering trivia questions!  Daily at 9pm and weekdays at 3pm (EST), a live host asks 12 multiple-choice questions with 3 possible answers.  Get an answer wrong or fail to answer within the time limit (~5 seconds), and you’re eliminated!  Get all 12 correct and you split the cash pot!  Daily prizes are $1,500 typically, but last Sunday they had a $10,000 pot!  This is US dollars, folks!

What I get in return: Each friend who installs HQ Trivia and uses my referral code chiofsteel helps me earn an extra life (i.e. a chance to continue if I get an answer wrong).  Once you play HQ Trivia, you can get an extra life by referring your friends!

When it ends: indefinite

Where to go: search for HQ Trivia in the App Store or itunes.apple.com/ca/app/hq-live-trivia-game-show/id1232278996?mt=8

Note: I’ve only been playing for a couple of days, and some of the trivia is really tough!  I can’t yet vouch for the cash prize, but do a Google search and you can see how popular this app is.  It’s a fun 12 minutes, if nothing else!

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