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Spotlight on: Caddle and Amazon

KitKat minis $2 on
KitKat minis $2 on

What I scored: Caddle now offers cash rewards for published Amazon reviews! There are plenty of Amazon-only cashback offers for things like chocolate, ketchup, and honey. BUT, not everyone gets them. They’re more likely to appear the more surveys you answer and receipts you upload based on your shopping preferences.

Example: Caddle offered $2 cashback for KitKat Minis purchased from This was awesome considering they sell for $2 on Amazon, making this essentially free. There’s an even better deal for Coffee Crisp Thins for $5 cashback on a $4.75 purchase.

Review it: After Caddle successfully processes the claim, a new offer appeared to earn $5 for leaving an Amazon review. Wow! This would involve writing a review on the item, having it accepted by Amazon, and then submitting a screenshot to Caddle.

Caution: Sound too good to be true? Yes, kind of. The tricky thing with Amazon purchases is they don’t necessarily ship right away; you can only redeem Caddle’s Amazon offers when the goods ship. And because these offers are limited, it’s possible they disappear from Caddle before the items arrive, or you take too long to submit a screenshot of the purchase.

Same thing applies to the reviews; Amazon takes a few days or longer to approve your reviews, so by that time they’re posted, the $5 review offer may no longer exist. You must be quick to redeem the offers or else cancel your order before they ship!  Grocery items cannot be returned.

Where to go: and enter Referral Code CHIHUN57475

Amazon review bonus cashback
Get paid to write an Amazon review
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Hooked on cashback with Caddle

Spotlight on: Caddle

What I scored: Here’s my fishy tale on my big earnings with Caddle.  It started with some completed surveys that indicated I enjoyed eating frozen fish.  It turned out Janes was promoting their line of breaded fish fillets, so I was presented with personalized cashback offers for Janes Fish:

Janes Fish
Janes Fish in my freezer. Look, $4 coupon inside!
  • July 19, 2018 – Survey ($0.05): Frozen Fish
  • July 26, 2018 – Video & Survey ($0.10): Janes Fish
  • Aug 2, 2018 – Purchase Cashback ($4.00): Buy 1 Janes Fish – 2 x $2.00
  • Aug 2, 2018 – Purchase Cashback Bonus ($1.00): Buy 2 Janes Fish – 1 x $1.00
  • Aug 2, 2018 – Post-purchase Survey ($0.25): Janes Fish
  • Aug 2, 2018 – Review ($0.25): Janes Fish

From Caddle alone, I earned $5.65; on top of that, there was a sale on Janes Fish for $8.99 per box (savings of 3.00 each).  The two boxes of Janes Fish  effectively cost me $12.33 (before tax).  Without Caddle and paying full price, the fish may have cost twice that much!  Wow!

How I did it: I used Flipp to search for Janes Fish and saw it was on sale at Metro.  The Caddle cashback for a single box was only $2, but taking advantage of the bonus cashback, I was able to earn $5 by purchasing a second box.  The surveys before and after the purchase made it a bargain!  AND, these boxes have a $4 coupon inside for next time!

Here’s the proof:

Where to go: and enter Referral Code CHIHUN57475

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